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The Batman Batmobile

Source: Matt Reeves / Twitter/@mattreevesLA

Little by little The Batman director Matt Reeves has been giving comic book fans sneak peaks into his highly anticipated Batman reboot and after showing us how Robert Pattison looks in a cape and cowl, the director has previewed what the caped crusader would be pushing around Gotham City. Hint, it’s a throwback.

While Christian Bale and Ben Affleck were pushing military grade machinery in their respective Batman flicks, it seems like the Twilight star will be conjuring up the spirit of Adam West and rolling in something similar to the ’55 Lincoln Futura made famous in the classic 60’s Batman television series.

Taking to Twitter to preview the new/old car, Matt Reeves and got both praise and criticism for his decision to use, well, an actual car for the Batmobile.

While some fans appreciated the retro flavor that Reeves seems to be aiming for, others were upset that he didn’t give his caped crusader a more futuristic or even technologically advanced looking automobile to fight crime in. But fans should know that the new/old Batmobile will of course be equipped with all sorts of clever and innovative gadgets that’ll help Batman take down The Penguin (Colin Farrell) and impress Catwoman (Zoe Kravitz) at the same time, so be easy, y’all.

The only thing fans should worry about is how well the script will be because if we’ve learned anything from Batman V. Superman and Justice League it’s that a horrible screenplay can lead to disastrous results on the silver screen.