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Ever since blowing up in the rap game, DaBaby’s found himself in quite a few legal situations (and some scandalous ones), but for now he won’t have to worry too much about that batter case he caught in Miami.

TMZ is reporting that the Miami State Attorney’s Office has announced that they’re going to be dropping the battery charge DaBaby was hit with after he was accused of being involved in the beating and robbery of Kenneth Carey in South Beach. According to the report one of the alleged victims of the jux refuses to cooperate with investigators, hence, the dropping of charges.

But the Kirk rapper isn’t out of the woods yet as police are still investigating the incident.

Even though the battery charge has been tossed, cops are still investigating the alleged robbery of Carey … so DaBaby could potentially be charged.

That being said, DaBaby still also faces a monetary lawsuit as a result of the same offense.

Carey sued DaBaby claiming DB and his crew beat him to a pulp and in the process jacked his phone, money and credit card over a business deal gone wrong. That lawsuit — Carey’s suing for more than $6 mil — is still active.

DaBaby still maintains his innocence and predicts he’ll be found innocent of all charges. Lord, we hope so…