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White people are going to have to keep learning the hard way that any use of the n-word can and often will lead to them catching the taper and the fade with immediacy. A white woman on an airline flight learned of this true fact after directing the slur at an airline attendant which led to her Black passenger dishing out the universal beatdown.

In a now-viral video posted to Facebook by Dre Justice over the weekend, the unnamed white passenger on an American Airlines flight can be heard in the clip sounding as if she had one too many drinks. Her passenger leans over from her window seat to berate the woman’s usage of the slur with the American Airlines attendant trying to break the women apart.

After some colorful words were exchanged, the Black passenger simply had enough of Boisterous Becky’s drunken ramblings and insistence that she has a Black cousin and started dishing out the fade before the patient attendant broke them apart and was still trying to help the woman despite her outward racism.

It isn’t known if any legal action was taken by any of the parties shown in the clip but it appears that the Black woman was taken far away from her racist seatmate while passengers looked on in apparent disbelief. Too bad the attendant didn’t at least “forget” to react for a few seconds before doing his job.

Check out the footage below. We do warn that there are expletives present in the clip.

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