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Killer Mike has his eye firmly on the jig. The Atlanta rapper and activist will not be opening his local barbershops on Friday despite the state’s illegitimate Governor’s order to reopen businesses. 

Along with his wife, Shay Render, Killer Kill owns several The Swag Shop locations in ATL. Governor Kemp’s has been widely criticized rush to lift of lockdown restrictions on Georgia barbershops, hair salons, nail salon and gyms, amongst other businesses.

However, there isn’t much social distancing that can be done in these spots, and it’s not lost on many that these aforementioned businesses are frequented by Black people, who are disproportionately succumbing to COVID-19 at an alarming rate.

Despite Kemp’s order, Killer Mike’s shops will not be reopening.

“Our first concern is the safety of our employees and our customers. And we have an incentive to open,” Mike told TMZ. “We could use that incentive, and we definitely wanna make money. [But] at this time, as a business, we aren’t comfortable opening. So we’re going wait a while before we reopen.”

He added, “As a citizen in the community where people look like me, I’m choosing to stay closed because I don’t want to endanger,” he noted. “A lot of times, politicians have different views of things. I think governors and mayors should all get on the phone together because as your constituents, we need you to do that.”

Mike was cognizant of the need to make money to support yourself, but not at the cost of putting yourself or others in danger. Peep his sobering commentary below.

Georgia heads, stay home.