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Lady Hennessy herself Toccara Jones was spotted in Chicago this weekend for the Hennessy VS’, Hennessy Remixed tour.

Joined by Hennessy mixologist, Jordan Bushell, Toccara hosted a series of events across the city from Thursday, April 7th – Saturday, April 9th to educate consumers on the blendibilty and versatility of Hennessy VS.

On April 7th Jordan and Toccara hosted a High-rollers reception at Horseshoe Casino where they presented a private tasting of Hennessy VS’ latest recipes, as well as its higher Marques, Hennessy Privilege, Hennessey X.O., and Hennessy Paradis for 300 guests.

Additionally, Jordan and Toccara held a mixology session with on-site cigar rolling.

Check out pics of Toccara demonstrating the versatility of Hennessy VS below.

Photo Credit:  Barry Bresheisen

Jordan Bushell And Toccara Jones

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