Ceasare Willis, better known as Krump originator Tight Eyez, is getting talked up on social media for his intense dance moves after showing off some illustrious bottles of Hennessy.

The leading cognac brand found itself trending on Twitter due to an observation made by a Twitter user over Lil Wayne's physical appearance and blaming the liquor for his looks.

With a focus on his partnership with Hennessy, Huang spoke about the significance of the brand's Lunar New Year campaign, how he enjoys the cognac himself, and his directorial debut for the film, Boogie.

As the official spirit of the NBA, Hennessy launches the latest campaign for the launch of the 2020-21 season.

The celebrity event showcases avowed chess players RZA and GZA of Wu-Tang Clan fame against Grandmaster Maurice Ashley.

Many of the world’s favorite companies were built by the Black dollar. One spirits brand has recognized these facts and plans to give back in a big way.

NBA All-Star Weekend means plenty of events to consider, but only a handful are actually go-tos. On Saturday (Dec. 15), one of the main events was the Hennessy party that featured Nas, A$AP Ferg and DaBaby.

Metta World Peace must have been on to something. Today (Feb. 10), the National Basketball Association announced a multiyear marketing partnership with Hennessy, making the cognac brand the Official Spirit of the NBA.

Former NFL star Clinton Portis confirmed (actually, reiterated) that he used to take shots of Hennessy before game for pain management. Hey, a good cognac must be less addictive than opioids, right? 

Saturday night (Sept. 15) featured many parties to watch the Canelo vs Triple G championship fight. One of the littest (it’s a word) gatherings was the fight party hosted by recently retired NFL star Victor Cruz and Hennessy in NYC.

Since its creation five years ago, Hennessy’s “Wild Rabbit” campaign has been successful, often incorporating Hip-Hop icon Nas while spotlight trailblazers like Erykah Badu and Martin Scorsese and pushing the mantra, “Never stop. Never settle.” The latest campaign spotlights world champion cyclist Marshall “Major” Taylor—no small feat considering the African-American man claimed the title in 1899. 

Apparently the “Hennything Is Possible” motto applies to the NFL as well. Clinton Portis and Santana Moss used to take shots of the cognac before games.