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Daily Life In New York City Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

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Don’t believe everything you see and hear during these times. One brazen story of the poor robbing from the rich seems to be all cap.

As spotted on GQ a tale of a pair of modern day Robin Hoods made a big splash across social media on Monday, June 1. Initial reports alleged that two unidentified individuals ransacked a Rolex store in downtown Manhattan. One police officer who responded to the incident theorized that the two suspects might have hit a seven figure lick. “The Rolex store is empty. They stole like 2.4 million in Rolexes” he said live from the scene.

But Gentleman’s Quarterly has investigated it further and the jack move merely resulted in just minor vandalism. First the location in question is not a Rolex store but a Watches of Switzerland – an authorized Rolex dealer. Representatives from the retailer also confirm that the thieves were unsuccessful in their heist. “It’s unfortunate that at a time like this, certain media outlets have been perpetuating a false narrative regarding the incident that occurred at our Watches of Switzerland Soho boutique during the early hours of Monday, June 1st,” wrote Executive Vice President David Hurley. The executive went on to provide further details. “First, it’s important to note that while Rolex is a brand partner of ours, this is not a Rolex boutique. Second, the damage to the store was minimal and consisted of a few broken windows and smashed vitrines. Most importantly, and let me be very clear about this, no product was on display and absolutely no watches were stolen.”

The New York Post also reported that the two suspects were booked which is not entirely true. [One suspect] was found to be in possession of clothing believed to have been removed from other locations and [the other] was not in possession of any stolen merchandise at the time of the arrest,” a representative with the NYPD told GQ. “There’s a lot of misinformation in that [Post] article itself” the unnamed source added.

This is not the first time the media has falsified incidents to make it seem far worse than it actually it is. Last week Meghan McCain claimed her lower Manhattan neighborhood looked like a war zone via Twitter while holed up in Virginia.

The New York Post has yet to respond to their inexcusable omissions.