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Female High School Student in Classroom Setting Wearing Mask

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Paulding County, which rests northwest of Atlanta and considered a suburb of the city, made headlines after reports of students returning to class not observing COVID-19 guidelines. A student who uploaded images of the inside one school and the lack of distancing among other concerns has been suspended.

WSB-TV reports that the images uploaded to the public came from a 10th-grade student at North Paulding High School in the town of Dallas. In the photos and video clips seen online, many students were observed not wearing masks and the hallways of the school were crowded shoulder to shoulder.

The outlet adds that the student reportedly named Hannah was told of her suspension but only after the images began to spread beyond the county and onto mainstream media outlets nationwide.

From WSB-TV:

Paulding Superintendent Brian Otott says the photo was taken out of context to criticize the school’s re-opening.

The school district says while it is encouraging students to wear masks, it is not requiring students to wear them and says it can’t enforce it if it did.

An announcement was made at North Paulding High School that the school district is enforcing discipline for students who share pictures like the one that’s gone viral.

This news comes just as reports have been pouring in that several students across the state have been testing positive for COVID-19 and required to continue taking classes amid the mandated 14-day quarantine measures that have been suggested.

As of today, Georgia has 186,000 cases, and just under 3,900 deaths reported.

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