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Loon on The Breakfast Club

Source: Power 105 / Youtube

Back in the day Loon and Puff were known to drop some of the hottest radio hits to ever get spins during the golden era of (commercial) Hip-Hop and filled a void that Ma$e left behind when he walked away from the game to find the Lord.

While it seemed like Loon was next in line to become Harlem World’s biggest attraction things didn’t exactly turn out that way and the “I Need A Girl” rapper ended up walking away from the limelight himself before doing almost a decade behind bars.

Now that he’s finally back home, Loon is ready to share some of his story with his decades old day ones and speaks with The Breakfast Club about his days breaking into the music industry to how Islam plays a role in keeping him out the rap game to this day.

Revealing that he was never actually signed to Bad Boy to why he took a plea even though he maintains his innocence, Loon has a story to tell and it’s one for the ages.

Here are the 10 things we learned from Loon on The Breakfast Club.

Loon was originally signed to Tommy Boy Records via Fatman Scoop before Ma$e debuted on Bad Boy. Loon’s first album was even dubbed Harlem World. Once he left the label, Loon’s deal fell apart and he ended up joining Ma$e’s Harlem World, while signed to Arista, and eventually inked with Bad Boy. Interestingly enough the original Harlem World group was to consist of Ma$e, Camron, Big L, Loon, and Herb McGruff. That would’ve been next level.


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