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During a performance in Brooklyn, N.Y., Gibbs dissed Lil B and his Based God movement, which he had previously referred to as a “minstrel show,” but now he is saying he has no issues with any rappers.

In a recent interview with Billboard, Gibbs sat down to speak on the Lil B album and say why he has no problem with any rapper.

“I don’t have nothin’ against what Lil B or anybody is doing,” Gibbs tells “You a black man and you out here generating capital and generating money for your family through rap, I’m all for it. That you deliverin’ a message that I don’t agree with, I’m definitely gonna say that, ’cause if I don’t say something then nobody gonna say nothin’. I don’t really care if I get backlash from it.”

The 29-year-old rapper, who officially signed to Young Jeezy’s CTE label earlier this month, continued his statement claiming he means no disrespect, but is willing to duke it out if anyone disagrees.

“I’m not gonna beat him up when I see him,” Gibbs said of Lil B, who has received death threats after revealing he would title his new album ‘I’m Gay. “I don’t feel like I disrespected [anyone]. If somebody feel disrespected, then they can come talk to me about it and we can talk it out. And if talkin’ don’ get where they want to go, then we can fight it out.”


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