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King Keraun Announced As Madden NFL 21 Spokesplayer

Source: EA Sports / Madden NFL 21

Madden NFL 21’s August 28 launch date quickly approaching its time to meet the NFL’s new generation of superstar’s new Spokesplayer.

Social media superstar, actor, avid NFL, and Madden fan, King Keraun born Keraun Harris has a new title to add to his growing list of accomplishments, being revealed as the first-ever Spokesplayer for Madden NFL 21. In the new hilarious new clip, Keraun breaks down his new role. As a Spokesplayer, he gives the NFL’s superstars a break from having to toot their own horns and, in his signature comedic style, breaks down how great players he represents just are. Names like Patrick Mahomes, Cam Newton, and Madden NFL 21 cover athlete Lamar Jackson take a break from speaking with media and now can just focus on doing what they do best on the field.

This won’t be the only time we see Keraun. EA also announced we can look forward to seeing the Spokesplayher in more Madden community content. He will be hyping up the best of the best from the game by showcasing the best plays, touchdowns, tackles, and most importantly, Madden players, giving them the spotlight they truly deserve.

This would actually be a welcomed addition to the game being that there is no guarantee that will be really NFL games being played due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Madden NFL 21’s virtual on-field action might be the only NFL football we see this year until the country can get the virus under control. That gives Keraun aka the Spokesplayer a lot of work because there will definitely be a lot of Madden NFL 21 being played.

This latest news comes on the heels of Madden NFL 21, showing off its newest game mode the yard, which brings backyard football to no.1 football video game franchise for the first time ever.

We got a chance to preview the mode last week, and we were very impressed at how fun it is, and you can read our full thoughts on it when you head here.

Before you do, though, be sure to check out the Spokesperson do what he does best and exude the same confidence and ‘Go All Out’ energy that today’s NFL superstars bring every time they step on the field in the video below.

Photo: EA Sports / Madden NFL 21