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If you bring Florida home this things over. Obama makes surprise Miami Springs stop

Source: Miami Herald / Getty

Our forever President, Barack Obama, has been hitting the campaign trail to rally up the people for his former running mate Joe Biden and the unfiltered critiques against his predecessor are showing a side of Obama most of us have been hoping for.

On Saturday (Oct. 24) while campaigning in Miami, the 44th President slammed Trump for his response to the coronavirus pandemic and reckless and maniacal tweets aimed at critics, adding the joke that “Florida Man wouldn’t even do this stuff.”

President Obama also noted that a win for his former vice president would mean the United States would have a “normal president,” criticizing Trump for going “out of his way to insult anybody who he doesn’t think is nice enough to him.”

“We won’t have a president who threatens people with jail for just criticizing him,” Barack Obama said. “That’s not normal behavior, Florida. You wouldn’t tolerate it from a coworker, you wouldn’t tolerate it from a high school principal, you wouldn’t tolerate it from a coach, you wouldn’t tolerate it from a family member. Florida Man wouldn’t even do this stuff. Why are we accepting it from the president of the United States? It’s not normal behavior.”

Marking the former President’s second in-person appearance on the campaign trail, Barack Obama has been doubling his time on stage to spread awareness about the importance of following safety protocols in addition to condemning Trump’s response to COVID-19, which has infected more than 8.7 million people and left at least 225,357 dead as of press time, according to The New York Times coronavirus database.

Trump also hit the campaign trails over the weekend in Florida, taking time to cast his ballot which he announced he “voted for a guy named Trump”, before continuing his barret of insults without addressing his failed COVID-19 response, nor updating Americans on the status of the long-awaited update on the pending stimulus relief or lack thereof for those adversely affected by the pandemic; but instead chose to attack his predecessor.

“You know how many people he’s drawing at these rallies? Like, he’s drawing flies. 20, 30, 40 [people]. Not quite this crowd,” Trump said. “Oh, did you see the other day? Did you see the other day, Mr. Congressman? He had 41 people, but the press never shows that. They show him speaking. And he gets up, and then they say, ‘Oh, he’s so rhetorically good. I never thought he was a good speaker, personally, I really never did. Then, they say, ‘He’s so handsome. He’s so handsome.’ Oh, OK. Alright.'”

On Monday (Oct. 26), House Speaker Nancy Pelosi eviscerated the Trump administration Monday as Washington fails to send more relief to Americans during a record spike in coronavirus cases.

“The Republicans’ continued surrender to the virus — particularly amid the recent wave of cases — is official malfeasance,” Pelosi wrote noting that she expects a response from the White House “on several concerns. “We must come to an agreement as soon as possible.”

Check out Barack Obama’s full campaign speech below.