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Has anyone seen Is Kanye West?  A couple of disgruntled Sunday Service employees want to settle a stack of overdue invoices after working for the rapper last year.

Apparently, staff that worked on a live performance for the musical live production of “Kanye West Nebuchadnezzar Opera” claimed they were never paid for their work, so they’re suing the rapper and Live Nation via a class-action lawsuit for a cool $1 million.

The Blast reports that a hair assistant claims she is owed “unpaid wages, continuing wages, damages, civil penalties, statutory penalties and attorney’s fees and costs.” Her day rate was paid late and the production team, consisting of background actors, performing as audience members also faced charges with their delinquent checks.

There’s more.

In the documents, the Yeezy founder was accused along with other defendants of “failing to provide pay stubs, failing to pay minimum wage and overtime,” for the event.

The group suing is seeking at least $1 million for what they believe to be issues with how they were treated, and because the “defendants oversaw, controlled and ran the production, and the aggrieved employees worked many hours on the production and were no timely paid for their work, or paid at all”.”

To make things worse, the show was mid, at best.  

“As for the show, Rolling Stone reported it was received with mixed reviews after the show didn’t feature Kanye performing himself until joining the cast for the final bows. However, he did narrate the show and by “reading over the loudspeaker sections of the Book of Daniel that he had highlighted in his own Bible.”

West and his legal team haven’t responded to the lawsuit yet, which sounds about right since he’s been noticeably absent after losing the 2020 Presidential Election last Tuesday (Nov. 3).