Sunday Service

In a new report, staff workers who assisted the rapper and producer with his Sunday Service events are gathering to file a lawsuit that could reach up to $30 million if all factors align.

Kanye West is overdue on some bills after a selected bunch from his Sunday Service crew launched a class-action lawsuit against the rapper for unpaid wages for a live performance show last year. What's a million to a billionaire?

MyChannel, Inc., which specializes in video and e-commerce technology, says they helped West get his Sunday Service events off the ground.

TMZ is exclusively reporting that Osteen will be holding a big Easter Sunday event to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus, and reportedly his buddy Kanye West, Tyler Perry, and Mariah Carey are on-board with the idea.

Who makes these decisions? Justin Bieber decided to roll up on Kanye West’s Sunday Service, but the kicker is he sang a rendition of “Never Would’ve Made It.”

If you need a sprinkle of Jesus to go along with your NBA All-Star 2020 fun, don’t worry, Kanye West got you.

Kanye West reportedly has big plans for 2020. The “saved” rapper is allegedly taking is his Sunday Service globally.

It’s been a year since Kanye West started his Sunday Service performances. To celebrate the anniversary, Yeezy hit up downtown Los Angeles to perform in Skid Row, and did some preaching to the crowd, too.

Kanye West came through on a promise, sort of. Yeezy and his Sunday Service squad dropped on album, Jesus Is Born, on Christmas (Dec. 25).

Kanye West and mega-church pastor Joel Osteen are teaming back up, but this time they are headed to Yankee Stadium.

Kanye West and his Sunday Service has attracted a new audience and he wants the next event to be held at his establishment.

Kanye West is gearing up for a tour of his ongoing Sunday Service event and it appears that to get this event insured, it will come with quite a catch financially. West can get an insurance company to underwrite the tour but if he cancels or is hospitalized for mental health reasons, he could be […]