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Kanye West Talks Yeezy in NYC

Source: Kanye West Purchases Second City In Wyoming To Bring Yeezy Production / Kanye West Purchases Second City In Wyoming To Bring Yeezy Production To The US

It’s been a year since Kanye West started his Sunday Service performances. To celebrate the anniversary, Yeezy hit up downtown Los Angeles to perform in Skid Row, and did some preaching to the crowd, too.

TMZ reports that on Sunday (Dec. 30), Yeezy was at the Union Rescue Mission on Skid Row. The place is a homeless shelter that also provides food and spiritual guidance for those in need. Reportedly, not only did the Sunday Service Choir perform, but West also got on the mic to do some preaching.

West spoke on how Sunday Service helped him deal with his own issues as well as the homeless crisis locally and nationwide and floated out what he feels are solutions he can help with.

“I ain’t telling nobody what to do, I’m expressing what I been through,” said Ye at one point. “Cause ya know people love to take a soundbite and say, ‘This was not exactly Devil-approved by the Internet.'”

We’ve seen this before, Ye blaming someone else for taking his points out of context. Shortly after, he inexplicably brought T.I. into the equation.

“They tried to play T.I. but he’s talking about something that’s God-approved,” said West. He seems to be referring to the debacle Tip found himself in when he said he accompanied his teenaged daughter to the OBI-GYN to confirm whether or not she was still a virgin.

Is Kanye West thinking about these things before speaking them out loud? Asking for a friend. Watch a clip below.