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Saturday Night Live - Season 44

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Hate it or love it, the Kanye West rant is a kind of a big deal in the digital era. One in particular that went really left is being revisited and now we have a behind the scenes look at it.

As spotted on Complex the polarizing rapper ended up doing the most on a Saturday Night Live appearance back in 2018. As the episode was closing out West took to the microphone and let his free thinking mind do the talking all while wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat. Yeezy voiced his full fledged support of Donald Trump which took a lot of people at the live taping by surprise including some of the cast. In a recent visit to HOT97 Keenan Thompson revisited the moment with the Ebro In The Morning staff.

When asked “do you recall the Kanye West night?” he responded “thoroughly”. “It’s a moment in the show where it’s like, sometimes they’ll do a last song over the good night credits or whatever. So, you know; U2 did it, McCartney did it, and they actually like go to the other stage and get with they band and do a whole performance” he added. “When I saw that he was standing on the regular stage I was like, oh he’s just gonna take a moment and have a moment basically.”

As Ye backed the reality star turned political troll Keenan decided to exit stage left. He detailed the decision saying “yeah, I think I would like to watch this on TV, and I got lucky because it became extremely uncomfortable extremely quickly. I was also tired as hell, it’s a long day.” Nevertheless it seems that Thompson still might have a cape on for Kanye. “But God bless him, I felt bad.”

You can see the interview in entirety where he also denies that West was not bullied for wearing the MAGA hat below.