“Talking greasy because you’re 39-0?/Real life Beyotch n*gga 39 and hoe/I’m his toughest opponent yet/I’m nothing like Marquez.”

Stepping from the Hip-Hop ring into the boxing ring, the match has been set between middleweight boxer Floyd Mayweather, Jr. and Rick Ross. Going by size difference alone, the match could actually be one-sided. Releasing the track “Go (War Remix),” the bawse has made an attempt at a second round knockout.

Mayweather was the first to throw blows last month by taking a jab at Ross and calling him a fraud. Turning his criminal image into a joke, the boxer simply stated that he needs someone to be arrested, then he would call up the biggest C.O. that we’ve seen thus far. Along with this, he added that with his rap career, the credentials don’t match up evenly by denying then accepting his past. Almost like an open challenge, Money stated that he’s not hard to find and is in Miami all the time.

“Forever getting robbed/Bloods took your jewels/Can’t beat the IRS baby boy/Just pay your dues!”

Shots have also been thrown at rapper Freck Billionaire, who is known for being affiliated with Fabolous and his Street Family team. Money Mayweather issued a statement making accusations that Billionaire was a thief and has stolen a watch after he defaulted on contract obligations with the boxer’s record label, Philthy Rich. He added that by Freck not disclosing the fact that he was signed under another contract, the boxer was sued.

“Talking greasy because you’re 39-0?/Real life Beyotch n*gga 39 and hoe/I’m his toughest opponent yet/I’m nothing like Marquez.”

Outside of a new rap beef, Mayweather held a media conference last weekend in order to promote his return to the ring September 19 for a welterweight fight with Juan Manuel Marquez at Las Vegas’ MGM Grand.

Some issues have arisen for the young star, however, as he has been placed under the microscope with two separate police cases. Las Vegas police are investigating a shooting that happened outside of a skating rink and seized two handguns, ammunition and two bulletproof vests from his home and two cars last week. Witnesses have stated to authorities that an associate of the boxer fired shots at the supposed victim.

“Even your name lame/Ain’t no Mayweather Punchout!/Catch him in Florida/I’m a need another lawyer/Why your daddy employer/Go by the name of De La Hoya?!…We standing on the bar/Throwing real money/Holla Mayweather when you see a fake hundred.”

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