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Atlanta Rapper 4-Ize Investigated Over Sticker Campaign

In the words of Atlanta rapper and former DTP affiliate, 4-ize, “Must be a slow day in Atlanta news when they reporting on my 4 year old sticker demo.”

If you drive in the city of Atlanta on a regular basis there is a chance you will see the red and white stickers that have been up for quite some time on traffic signs that simply read “4-ize.”

A CBS Atlanta news crew counted close to 100 of those stickers on the Flat Shoals Road exit ramp off I-20 east. The news crew found the stickers posted on signs at 11 different intersections. CBS Atlanta had to Google the rapper to find out who he was and after viewing his website they saw statements where he brags about the stickers.

Now that drivers have complained and a statement from the Atlanta’s Public Works Department deemed the promotion illegal, expect some action to be taken against 4-ize. Who would have thought that after all these years the promotional tool would still work?