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New Report Says Bishop Eddie Long Settled For $24.8 Million, Gave Private Apology—Refused To Give Public Apology

A new report claims to have the settlement details of the Bishop Eddie Long’s sexual coercion lawsuits.

As previously reported the New Birth Missionary Baptist head settled with all four of his accusers earlier this month to avoid trial but further information was not released.

It was long speculated however that The Bishop dished out over $15 million to keep the case sealed and the details secret.

Now according to reporter Robert “Rob” Redding Jr. of a source has confirmed that the embattled pastor paid $24.8 million to his four accusers and offered them a private apology.

According to Redding, the church had been paying the young men $40,000 a year and what began as a $2 million agreement to settle the case for each them quickly rose to $5.5 million for the respective plaintiffs, the source said, only because Long refused to publically admit guilt.

Redding’s source adds that the men are to divide $2.2 million equally and then receive $400,000 in payments until the money is paid out over the next 20 years.

The final figure comes to $22 million for the four men and $2.8 million for the plaintiff’s attorneys.

Redding News Review adds that they received a paraphrased version of Long’s apology but decided not to print it.

Before the report was published, Long could not be reached for comment.