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After six long years in prison Bobby Shmurda is finally back home in NYC and while he’s paid his debt to society his newfound freedom does come with some strings attached.

According to TMZ the “Hot N*gga” rapper is to be under parole supervision until February 23, 2026 (daaayumn!) and part of his release include provisions such as abstaining from drinking alcohol, hanging out at bars, and keeping away from gang affiliated individuals. Basically he can’t do everything he was doing prior to his prison sentence. He also has to submit to substance abuse testing and receive counseling for anger and aggression that he may be harboring in his person.

He’s never come across as the angriest person in the game, so that should really be a breeze for him. These next few years going to be hella frustrating for him though that’s for sure.

But all isn’t all a buzzkill for Bobby as he is granted a little wiggle room to get lit if only to make a buck.

The easy part for him is that he’s gotta seek, obtain and maintain employment. Done, done and done. As we reported, he already had a few performances in Atlanta during NBA All-Star Weekend — and right after his release from prison, Bobby boarded a private jet with Quavo to hit a studio.

Well, at least he’s able to get out and travel and got some good peoples around him to help him get by. Feels like it’s going to be a long and tricky few years for Bobby, b.