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Portrait Shoot of Ice Cube

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Ice Cube may not be out in these streets bringing drama to the ops, but the N.W.A. OG is damn sure taking them to court for getting outta pocket.

According to AllHiphop, Cube has filed a lawsuit against the financial services app, Robinhood, for using his likeness and lyrics without his permission. In a suit filed on March 31, Cube accused Robinhood of robbin’ his image in an ad for their new service, Robinhood Snacks.

To add insult to injury the ad even featured some of Cube’s lyrics remixed into fitting their format and read “Correct yourself, before you wreck yourself.” An obvious reference to Cube’s hit “Check Yo Self.”

Last week Robinhood replied to Cube’s allegations and suggested Cube had no grounds to stand on as they’re protected by the First Amendment and that Cube doesn’t even the right to the photo used in the ad.

“He conveniently leaves out that the photograph is actually a still shot which depicts his character from the movie, ‘Are We Done Yet’ – copyrighted work he does not own,” explained Robinhood’s lawyer, Mitchell J. Langberg. 

“Remarkably, [Ice Cube] does not identify a single lost sale or other particular damage resulting from Defendants’ alleged misconduct, despite the fact that he is required to do so to establish standing under both federal and state law,” Langberg further stated. 

Aside from stating that they feel Cube filed the lawsuit for publicity, Langberg also points out that “Check Yo Self” has been parodied before such as “Text Yo’self Beefo You Wreck Yo’self,” “Stretch Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself,” and “Czech Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself.”

Yeah, it’s not looking good for Cube right now if all these things as Robinhood are looking to have the entire lawsuit dismissed by June 3.

Photo: Getty