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In a recent interview with Pitchfork, Hodgy Beats spoke on touring, collaborating, and his role in Odd Future.

One of the big topics in the interview involved Odd Future’s collaboration with Nas, that Hodgy says is living out a dream.

“The song is almost finished. We’re just waiting on a verse. It will be Frank Ocean, Tyler, Hodgy Beats, and Nas. I’m just stoked to be on a song with him. I know I’ll meet him eventually. When I was younger, I met his father on an airplane. That was tight.”

However, don’t expect Hodgy to start collaborating with a bunch of artists, as he explains that he is still stubborn about collaborating.

“Actually, I’m still kind of a package about it. I honestly don’t like working with people outside of Odd Future because I don’t want our sound to change.

I want it to evolve, and that happens with people within the camp, not people outside the camp. When you make music, it should be fun. I’m not hating or anything, but I don’t want to be rapping over a Lex Luger beat. Why would I do that? I have my own beats.”

When Hodgy was asked about the recent conflicts regarding his friend and group member Earl Sweatshirt, he ended the interview with,

“Fawk everybody. You can suck my package. If we can’t get in contact with Earl, you definitely can’t. He will come back when he’s ready, if he ever will be ready again. I haven’t spoken to Earl in a while. But everyone that’s digging for no reason, you’re just beating a dead horse. It’s dead.”