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Young Money Artist Tyga Accused Of Stealing “Snapbacks Back” From 12-Year-Old Artist Young Vishis

We know that great minds think alike but we also know that what you put on the internet as intellectual property can always get jacked.

On June 10th, a man named Durvel Wilson Sr. decided to promote his son’s music via Facebook and other sites.

He posted the 12-year-old rapper, Durvel Wilson Jr. aka Young Vishis’ new promotional single “Snapbacks Back The Tupac Remix” on the Facebook page of Young Money president Mack Maine.

Now who knows if this idea was already brewing and the kid’s song let them know it was time to release it? Or maybe Vishis sparked an idea for the president since he felt like Tyga really did bring Snapback’s back.

Either way, eighteen days later Tyga released his version with Chris Brown and the post Mr. Wilson put up that day on the Facebook page was deleted.

Durvel Wilson Sr. said “That’s straight wrong, they stealing songs from a 12 yr old who takes the time to write his own material and promote himself.

He added, “What he didn’t remember though is that my page will still say that I added a link to his page that day. So it was a dumb move removing it. This isn’t over at all, we won’t stop until everyone knows how dirty they did my son/artist.”

Good luck proving this remix of your remix was originally yours gentlemen. Check out both versions.

Tyga’s Snapbacks

Vishis’ Snapbacks