You can now own a legendary piece of Fyre Festival history, all for a good cause, of course.

Ja Rule is turning one of the biggest failures in his career into a bright spot. The rapper and actor has moved his last physical memory of the greatest party that never happened for some heavy change.

Jefferey Atkins, aka Ja Rule, has once again become the laughing stock of Twitter, and it has nothing to do with struggle cheese sandwiches and models wanting to swim with pigs.

Since the Verzuz battles began, Ja Rule has been calling out his archrival 50 Cent to go head to head once and for all and 50 has finally responded–but not in a way Ja would like.

While Ja Rule has shown that he is not scared to go back to back with 50 Cent a sonic showdown between the two is unlikely. He is now withdrawing his request.

Ja Rule isn’t giving up on the idea of him going song for song with his rival for like 50 Cent. He has taken things a step further and spoke on the longstanding elephant in the room.

Let’s face it; the beef between Ja Rule and 50 Cent will never be squashed. The Murder Inc. rapper just jabbed back at his enemy for life.

Ja Rule is stepping up in the midst of the current pandemic. He is providing the less fortunate apparel to in an effort to stop the spread.

Ja Rule just won’t let the struggle that was the Fyre Festival die. On Friday (Dec.13), the rapper dropped a new song title “FYRE” speaking on the bootleg music festival that had folks stranded, living in tents and eating cheese sandwiches.

Irv Gotti is poised to possibly make the biggest executive comeback in recent history. The Murder Inc. founder is taking his talents to Tinseltown to tell the story of a good, but infamous friend.

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Ever since getting out of prison for tax evasion and possession of a firearm, Ja Rule‘s life has been, well, all kinds of struggle. From the now infamous Fyre “Hunger Games” Festival to epically failing to get a crowd reaction from basketball fans at a Milwaukee Bucks game, Ja Rule’s post-prison existence has become the […]