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Infamous Fyre Festival Cheese Sandwich Tweet Being Sold As NFT On Flipkick

Source: Bloomberg / Getty

You can now own a legendary piece of Fyre Festival history, all for a good cause, of course.

The tweet featuring that infamous struggle cheese sandwich is now the latest piece of “virtual art” being auctioned off as an NFT on Ja Rule’s Flipkick platform.

Kicking off on Tuesday (Apr.6), Flipkick members can bid on the original 2017 tweet featuring a photo of the iconic cheese sandwich that also featured a handful of vegetables served on a styrofoam container.

Whoever winds up winning the auction will receive a transfer of copyright ownership, allowing them to monetize Trevor DeHass’s legendary tweet. Now, this is all for a good cause. All proceeds from the sale of the tweet will go toward DeHaas’ medical expenses for daily dialysis and his much-needed kidney transplant.

Speaking with Complex, DeHaas revealed he now has a totally different perspective on the tweet that would trigger one of the most engaging and hilarious Twitter moments ever.

“Initially, the viral tweet came with a lot of negative connotations and assumptions about me; rich-spoiled-clout chasing-millennial-brat,” DeHaas told Complex. “People assumed I paid $12,000 for a ticket and that I cared about going to the festival. The reality is that I went for free, and I originally turned down the $500 ticket from my friend, Matt, who bought a group package. 8 people [for] $4,000. Matt wasn’t able to get rid of his remaining ticket and offered me the ticket for free. In exchange, I would film a music video for his band, Hypothetical, at the festival. I remember thinking, ‘3 days in the Bahamas, what’s the worst that could happen?’ LOL.”

He also revealed that he was initially “embarrassed” about the tweet following the response it got and even “sort of resented it.” He has since changed his mind after the mess that was supposed to be a music festival became one of pop culture’s biggest stories.

“You can’t talk about Fyre Fest without talking about the infamous cheese sandwich, and I’m kinda proud of that in a weird way,” he said. “If I had the option to go back and do Fyre all over again, I wouldn’t change a thing. Well, maybe I would have packed extra food if I knew what I was going to be served for dinner.”

DeHaas was also asked about his relationship with Ja Rule, and he revealed he doesn’t have much of a relationship with the rapper and was initially mad at him. Still, he does also feel the “Holla Holla” crafter was also bamboozled.

“I’ve never met Ja in person, so I can’t say we are close, but I don’t have any negative feelings toward the guy,” DeHaas revealed. “I can’t lie, I did at first, especially the first day of the festival. However, that was before I heard his side of the story. I truly believe he, too, was hustled, scammed, bamboozled, and hoodwinked just like all of the guests and local staff were. I’m hoping one day I actually get to share a 5-star dinner with Ja, lol.”

DeHaas’ tweet is not the first Fyre Festival-related piece of memorabilia to be sold as an NFT. Just recently, an oil painting Ja Rule commissioned  Tripp Derrick Barnes to celebrate the founding of Fyre Media sold for $122,000 on Flipkick. To commemorate the moment, Ja Rule simply said, “Fuck this painting.”

Photo: Bloomberg / Getty