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Seven months after the struggle party that was the Fyre Festival became the bane of Ja Rule‘s existence (other than 50 Cent), the Queens rapper is fighting back against allegations that he was the brainchild behind the weekend refugee camp in the Bahamas.

PageSix is reporting that the Queens rapper is planning on filing a slew of lawsuits against the Fyre Festival organizer and ex-business partner Billy McFarland. Rule is claiming that McFarland “bamboozled” him with the festival.

Ja’s lawyer Thomas Herdon told Manhattan federal judge Kevin Castel that not only did Ja get “wrapped up unintentionally” in the high-priced detention center, but that McFarland also “hijacked” the ideas from Ja.


We’re not sure Ja should claim any kind of credit for this debacle but we’re not trained attorneys so we’ll just have to wait and see which ideas he is willing to claim. We hope one of those ideas wasn’t to throw a party out in the Bahamas with a Survivor theme to it.

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