fyre festival

You can now own a legendary piece of Fyre Festival history, all for a good cause, of course.

Ja Rule is turning one of the biggest failures in his career into a bright spot. The rapper and actor has moved his last physical memory of the greatest party that never happened for some heavy change.

The trio was paid $100,000 total for the botched music event and was ordered to pay back $30,000.

Ja Rule just won’t let the struggle that was the Fyre Festival die. On Friday (Dec.13), the rapper dropped a new song title “FYRE” speaking on the bootleg music festival that had folks stranded, living in tents and eating cheese sandwiches.

Over the weekend, Kanye West was getting dragged on Twitter when a photo surfaced of a struggle $55 breakfast plate from Brunchella he attended. The initial belief was that Ye was responsible for the meal, but TMZ reports that is not the case at all.

Ja Rule is breathing a huge sigh of relief this week. His neck will not be on the line for one of the biggest concert scandals in history.


Seems like notorious Fyre Festival founder Billy McFarland will be using his little prison stint to plot his next major moves.

We get the feeling Ja Rule still doesn’t get the outlandish f*ckery that was the Fyre Festival. Mostly because the Queens rapper still hasn’t bothered to watch either documentary, or so he says. 

In the wake of the explosive Netflix and Hulu documentaries that went behind the scenes regarding the Fyre Festival, Ja Rule has been catching plenty of heat. Instead of ducking from the controversy, the veteran rapper is embracing the infamy and led a “F*ck You, Ja Rule” chant at a recent show.

Over the weekend, the talk of the internet was two documentaries that highlighted the epic struggle that was Fyre Festival. One of the many people involved in the scam was rapper Ja Rule who can be seen in both docs excited about the festival that never was. He recently broke his silence, blasting both documentaries […]