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Keeping it real has definitely went wrong for Jimmy Carlton Winfrey a.k.a. Peewee Roscoe a.k.a. the former Young Thug road manager turned Lil Wayne tour bus shooter back in April of this year.


There aren’t many works of Hip-Hop privy to a diamond certification and Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’ 2012 breakout single, “Thrift Shop” has just joined the ranks of the exclusive club.

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E. L. James’s film adaptation of Fifty Shades of Grey may have made a half of billion dollars in theaters (and even more with the DVD sales) but you won’t find too many people willing to admit it was actually decent cinema.


The rise of Uber has offered a few hiccups in the community but nevertheless, the commuter app has created a more easier and enjoyable way for citizens to get from point A to point B.

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People are demanding answers now that Jamar Clark, the 24-year-old Black man who was shot in the head by Minneapolis (reportedly while he was detained in handcuffs) has now died.


During our interview with F. Gary Gray a few months ago, the esteemed director explained how he had to part with a few worthy scenes during the final edit of the summer blockbuster, Straight Outta Compton. Thankfully in the world of home entertainment, there isn’t a time length put on greatness, thus the Straight Outta […]


Protestors are calling for the names of the Minneapolis police officers involved with the near-death of Jamar Clark; a twenty-something Black man who was apparently brutalized with a head shot while being detained in police custody.


Commerce City police officer Kevin Lord is living proof that you can’t believe every report created by law enforcement.

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Bill Cosby’s epic losing streak continued this morning when four more women came forward claiming that the sexually assaulted them back in his heyday.

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Earlier in the week it was reported that Prodigy of Mobb Deep was pulling Universal Music’s card for allegedly overstepping the boundaries of a group contract by swindling royalties from his solo endeavors.

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After the new age success of Drake and Future’s What A Time To Be Alive mixtape, it was only a matter of time before more artists linked up to duplicate the digital climb up the charts.

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ALL the talk and Internet fanfare behind Dr. Dre’s long-delayed third studio album, Compton: A Soundtrack By Dr. Dre has gone ice-cold since its initial release back on August 7, but that didn’t stop the project from quietly selling its way to a gold plaque.