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The month of September saw the boiling point of New York rap for 2009. Backed by releases such as Jadakiss and Fabolous, the 90s era of Hip-Hop was slowly making its presence felt. The Blueprint III and Only Built 4 Cuban Linx…pt. 2, blew the lid right off everything as the veterans showcased the fact […]

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Now just to provide clarity before presumption are drawn, this is no type of conspiracy theory or going out on a limb to say that someone has Fab’s number, but the Brooklyn rapper did have to be rushed to the hospital Saturday night. Reports initially stirred stating that the MC was involved in a car […]


The controversial president of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, was confronted by a Fox News reporter after his speech to the United Nations last week. Speaking through a translator Chavez called the people from Fox News stupid, but not the reporter talking to him specifically. Although he did say the reporter’s mind had “many confusions.” At a […]

Activist, politician and perpetual presidential candidate Ralph Nader has released a new book. Say what you will about Nader the man but Nader the author insists that you not call “only The Rich Can Save Us” fiction. Instead he prefers to think of it as “a fictional vision that could become a new reality.” In […]

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Yes, he did! KRS-One even went as far as to make this statement at the VH1 Hip Hop Honors 2009 show on Wednesday, Sept. 23. The show will not air on VH1 until October 13, but news of KRS-One’s bold statement is causing some controversy today. Sounds like hyperbole to me but this is how […]

By now if you haven’t heard the Jay-Z was on Oprah you must have been living under a rock. In case you did miss it, welcome back to the world and here is the interview part 1 and part 2 for you. See we’ve thought of everything. I guess the question now is what’s next? […]

Mos Def is reportedly making a documentary about Death with Damon Dash. Why did they choose such a morbid subject? Well, in this instance Mos Def considers Death a good thing. Death is an obscure, all Black, proto-punk band that formed in 1971.


Rapper, turned actress, turned designer Eve is deading her own clothing line and taking “designing” off her to do list. According to reports the clothing line is shutting down for legal reasons. Last year Fetish relaunched for the third time with Eve’s full endorsement whereas before she was dealt with the ads. Her endorsement was […]

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The God Rakim Allah will return on November 17th with his first new album in almost a decade called The Seventh Seal. The album’s lead single “Holy Are You” has already been buzzing amongst Hip-Hop heads as they await to see to see if the legend still has it. While staying loyal to his New […]


Dorrough may just have one of the best club songs of the year and definitely best trunk rattlers with his breakout single “Ice Cream Paint Job.” With everyone feeling the vibe of the track from Snoop and E-40 to Jim Jones and Soulja Boy hopping on the remix, Dorrough just took the single gold. The […]


Rickie Durham is surely regretting the day he merged money with the badge as he is facing sentencing for “playing” on both sides of the law. Durham was found guilty of helping Alton Coles, Philadelphia’s premier drug kingpin, evade law enforcement authorities by tipping a friend of an impending raid. The tip was given with […]


To say the world is seemingly run by loony people would not be too farfetched of a statement. Everyday someone does something that does not make an inkling of sense. Dalton Chiscolm is one of those people. A disgruntled bank patron, Chiscolm has decided to vent his frustration with Bank of America in a more […]