Struggle Awards

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  As we bring the The Struggle Awards 2014, we had to end with the Struggle Rapper of the Year category. Which of these alleged MCs excelled at everything but actually putting together words that fit. Let Charlamagne give you the run down.

  The Struggle Awards 2014 are winding down and the latest category goes to the “Struggle Moments of the Year.” 2014 was packed with plenty of f*ckery, and these candidates were the the cream of the what in the name of all f*cks were you thinking? crop. Let Charlamagne explan. 

  One thing guaranteed in Hip-Hop is that despite what a rapper tells you, there’s always chance their album will get delayed. As the Struggle Awards 2014 continue, here are LPs whose release dates retreated faster than LeBron James’ hairline. Let Charlamagne explain their struggle. 

  The Struggle Awards 2014 continue and this time the topic at hand is Social Media Struggle. Who knew so much f*ckery could commence after hitting “send”? Chris Brown, Cee Lo and 50 Cent and more never seem to learn. Let Charlamagne explain. 

  The Struggle Awards 2014 continue with the Struggle Existence Of The Year category. These individuals managed to ruin themselves, destroy their reputations and pretty much become the butt of plenty of jokes. We’ll let Charlamagne explain. 

  Charlamagne Tha God is once again our host, and we kick off The Struggle Awards 2014 (we know it’s 2015 already, roll with it) with the Struggle Beef of the Year. The year 2014 was full of beef. But plenty of these incidences of rap on rap drama had a consistency closer to tofu than actual […]