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Back in April of this year, the Garrisa University College attack in Kenya led by Al-Qaeda offshoot, Al-Shabaab left 147 students dead and several others injured. To support the families of the victims, Trinidad Jame$ and other American rap artists are set to perform next in Atlanta for the Pray For Kenya benefit concert.

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As the 2015 BET Awards were underway, there was another worthwhile event going down in Los Angeles.

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Trinidad James is a lot wiser than most people give him credit and he knows that his golden status can be used for the greater good of the Hip-Hop culture. He also loves his basketball and he blended his celebrity and sports savvy for a dope event early this month.

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Rappers and industry heads alike know that come SXSW time in Austin, TX, Hard Knock Hoops has become a favored tradition. Those willing to take a Saturday morning off from the festival’s hustle and bustle to show off their basketball skills can attest that there’s nothing but bragging rights, sh*t talking and competition to be […]

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Trinidad James has seen his name surface in the headlines of late, but not because the southern rap artist is in the midst of a new campaign for an album. In the wake of the OU SAE video release, usage of the “n-word” in Hip-Hop is the topic du jour with the media of late […]

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The blowback following SAE’s racist implosion has spiraled in every direction possible and Trinidad James, of all people, found himself in the center of it.

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Trinidad James is riding his independent wave from the surfs kicked up on No One is $afe. Recently, the gold-plated rapper brought a successful culture clash of his Atlanta sensibilities with the vibrant climate of Oakland by hosting a Nic Nac Event Planning art gallery.

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Newfound freedom is just what the doctor ordered for Trinidad Jame$, who returns with free album for your consumption called No One Is $aFe.

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Trinidad Jame$ has a lot to say on a politically charged track called “Black Man Pt. 1,” featuring Big K.R.I.T.

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Trinidad Jame$ delivers a new EP, aptly titled The Wake Up, in the early morning hours of today.

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Very few rappers can go toe-to-toe with Atlanta’s Trinidad Jame$ if sneakers are the topic of conversation. That said, the rapper will use his influence in his hometown to inspire some good at the Camp Jame$ sneaker drive charity.

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Yeah, Trinidad Jame$ is still making music and drops a new song called “Who Dat (Falcons vs Saints 4Ever),” featuring Curren$y. Bless his heart.