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Black Ink Crew: Ceaser Moves Out of Atlana Home He Shares With Suzette

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Last week Ceaser had to make a tough decision after learning Suzette’s illegal butt injections are affecting her health, requiring a trip to Columbia to fix the issue. This week their once happy relationship seems to be crumbling.

Ceasers Wants Space From Suzette. Teddy Is Happy

After heading to Columbia to be by Suzette’s side as she cuts corners and gets the surgery to remove the silicone in her butt that has spread all over her body, he is back in Brooklyn. Ceaser immediately links up with Teddy and Puma to speak about the sacrifices he made for his business to be by her side during the excruciating process. Ceaser feels Suzette has not been reciprocating the same energy and does not appreciate everything he has done for her. He reveals to Teddy and Puma that Suzette told him to leave because she didn’t like the negative vibes he was giving off and didn’t want that around her as she heals.

Faced with all of that, Ceaser is now wondering if he and Suzette are even on the same page anymore. He decides that space is needed and tells Teddy and Puma that he will move all his stuff out of their Atlanta home while Suzette is still in Columbia.

Teddy, who can’t stand Suzette, is happy to hear that his cousin finally takes his advice.

Van Pops Up In Brooklyn

Still very much disgruntled Black Ink Chicago star Van is now team Ceaser. After Ryan gave him the boot, Van took his suspect tattoo skills to Houston and opened a Black Ink tattoo shop. Van claims that he always wanted to open his own shop after founding 9 Mag with Ryan. Ceaser reveals that he asked Van to help run the shop while away because he felt Van did a great job in Houston. We guess that the whole situation with Van’s struggle tattoo led to him and Ryan’s tattoo shop being sued.

Rok revealed that his brother Mario is doing well after his scary car accident. Alex, who has been missing in action, is back thanks to focusing on his “equanimity.” Now he wants to bring that same energy to the shop and has an idea for a “safe space” for the crew so they can decompress and blow off steam.

Puma takes his family glamping on his newly acquired land in Atlanta, and the experience is a good one despite some issues being outdoors with mother nature. Puma and Quani have a great conversation where he reveals he wants to move his family down there but that it will take some time. Quani understands.

Alex and Spyda go plant shopping to help jazz up the “equanimity” space they are building in the backyard area of the shop. After spending a whole day working on it, they invite the crew to see their work and impress everyone with the new space.

Ceaser & Suzette Are Looking Very Shaky

Suzette returns home to find Ceaser has packed up things and has moved out. He eventually returns home to discuss with his girlfriend, and things go off the rail quickly. Ceaser believes it was very selfish of Suzette to tell him to leave Columbia because of his bad energy after all of the sacrifices he made for her. Suzette argues that Ceaser hasn’t been emotionally available throughout her surgery process.

Ceaser snaps after hearing that because he is still BIG MAD because Suzette has been absent while he battles his daughter’s mother in court and can’t even see Cheyenne. He accuses Suzette of only being focused on herself. Suzette claps back, claiming she did show support by asking how his day in court went, Ceaser feels that is not enough, and honestly, it’s not. Ceaser reveals he has done way more than her and even notes he put the money down for Suzette’s surgery. Suzette accuses Ceaser of only caring about money and not being available emotionally.

Ceaser has heard enough and storms out of the room, leaving Suzette crying in the bedroom.

You can peep more reactions to the episode in the gallery below.

Photo: Paras Griffin / Getty

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