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'Black Ink Crew' Episode 10, “Bye, Bye Atlanta ” Recap

Source: Johnny Nunez / Getty

Source: Johnny Nunez / Getty

Last week on Black Ink Crew, Teddy tried to prove that he does more than just sit on the couch. Ceaser got a much-needed legal victory, and Alex revealed he has rona and is stressed out. This week’s season finale dives deeper into Alex’s woes, gives us an update on Walt and more.

Alex Puts Donna’s Abusive Behavior On Blast

At the shop, Ceaser reveals that it’s time to head back to New York because the COVID-19 cases are going down, and as one last hoorah, the tattoo shop mogul wants to hold an art show. So naturally, the crew, especially Bae, is ecstatic to go back home.

We head to the mansion, and Donna has returned, minus Alex. Spyder, Rok, and Krystal are surprised to see Donna and her dog back in the rented crib and decide to speak with her. Spyder, of course, was the bold one to step to Donna to see what’s up and why she has been moving the way she has. Donna revealed that she blocked everyone on social media because she doesn’t feel appreciated.

Donna was also pressed about her disgusting comment under an Instagram post making light of the Asian spa mass shooting that offended Bae. Somehow, Donna flipped it and made it about Bae instead of taking responsibility for what she said.

We zap to the art show, and things come to a head between Alex and Donna, putting a huge spotlight on their toxic relationship. Alex is now out of quarantine and shows up to the art event with a noticeable scratch on his face. Alex explains to Ceaser, Ted, and Puma that Donna scratched because she was mad that he finished brushing his teeth before her, leading to an argument that got physical.


Donna eventually pulls up out of nowhere like Vin Diesel in the Fast & The Furious, hopping out of her car claiming that she doesn’t recall scratching him. She even says that she couldn’t have scratched Alex because she has no nails when she clearly has nails on her fingers. So it looks like Ceaser was absolutely correct when he said that Alex isn’t battling COVID-19. He’s dealing with DONNA-19. Ceaser also believes their relationship is toxic as hell. If anyone knows about toxic relationships, it’s him.

The scene gets too tense for Puma, who tells the production crew he doesn’t want to film with a domestic abuser and doesn’t feel the situation is fair for Alex because Alex would be in jail if the roles were reversed. Eventually, a female producer steps in to talk to Alex and tells him that the abuse he is enduring at the hands of Donna isn’t right and tells him he doesn’t have to endure it. Alex also revealed that he requested the separate room because he needed a mental break from “Big Mama” and not because of COVID-19.

Alex seemingly agrees and tells Donna that he’s done. Still, somehow she forcefully convinces him to get into the car, and they drive away, leaving us in limbo and the crew worrying about Alex till next season. 

Ceaser Is Not Out of The Woods Yet

Ceaser had everyone shook when he made it look like he was about to propose to Suzzette, only to give her a box of earrings. While the joke was kind of cruel, Suzzette appreciated it, and the couple doubled down on their love for each other.

When Ceaser received a phone call from his lawyer with some bad news, the joyous moment was ruined. Last week, Ceaser celebrated Atlanta’s child protective services division, deciding not to go through with its investigation due to lack of evidence. However, that will not be the case in New York. Instead, the drama with Cheyanne, her mother, and Ceaser will roll over into the next season.

Walt Is On A Mission To Clear His Name

Since we last heard from Walt, it’s been a few episodes, but we did get an update on his mission to clear his name. After talking with his wife, Walt decided to hire a private investigator to get to the bottom of who broke into Black Ink on 125th. While not sounding extremely convincing, Walt tells the investigator he can provide proof about his whereabouts the night of the incident.

Puma To The A?

Quani is tired of NYC and wants to move to Atlanta. With help from Suzette, Quani, and Puma, go look at houses. One house, in particular, has Puma really considering relocating. Still, he is hesitant since he feels he can make more money in NYC, especially after recreational marijuana use was legalized in the state.

Quani isn’t trying to hear that and feels that Puma can hop on flights like his friend Ceaser.

Of course, viewers had thoughts on the season finale, specifically the Alex and Donna situation. You can peep them in the gallery below.

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Puma was like slow down.








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