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Social media has seen the elevation of the career of many naturally hilarious figures and they’re far too many to name, and also, someone being funny is truly objective as we all know. Druski, one of the most consistently funny personalities on the Bird App, saw his name trending Saturday (August 28) after one of his clips went viral, causing many to dub him social media’s funniest online star.

On August 26, Druski posted a video of himself imitating a young woman visiting a man’s home and FaceTiming with her homegirls, bragging about the inside of the man’s home. There’s also a funny portion where the man of the house lays out his firearm and Druski in character picks up the gun to admire it and drop all the latest slang terms that have been running through social media all summer.

One fan on Twitter noted that Druski has a particular gift in doing these types of videos because he doesn’t use the moment to demean or belittle women, nor does he appear to go over the top with the tropes. The believable acting and the interaction with the skit’s co-star is definitely relatable if you’re around certain types of people and do know we’re saying that those types of people are hella fun to kick it with.

Druski has a penchant for going viral with some of his skits and he’s even been transformed to a meme due to a funny Instagram Live session gone left, and also a photo that folks have used to express that the situation is out of their hands. We’re sure you’ve seen them both.

We looked on Twitter and got the best reactions to Druski’s latest hit and also shared the props he’s getting for getting laughs out there. We could certainly use more joy so hats off to Druski and his whole squad.

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If you need to know the other name, it’s the sister who did the whole “Frontal” thing.