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Kanye West has been chasing the lofty goal of becoming a billionaire for years and now it has come into fruition but not without both praise and criticism. Now that he is a member of the elite earnings club, the Hip-Hop superstar is claiming the moment to the point he tweeted Forbes to correctly report his proper earnings.

Given the fact the world is suffering from a pandemic, news of an already wealthy person adding to their coffers isn’t the kind of headline that many would welcome at the moment. However, the fact remains that West’s aims in becoming one of the world’s richest entertainers have been achieved, largely via his vast Yeezy empire and fashion endeavors.

From Forbes:

The chip on West’s shoulder dates back to his early days growing up in Chicago, where teachers sometimes scolded him for sketching sneaker designs instead of doing his schoolwork. He later produced songs for Jay-Z, but felt the elder mogul didn’t view him seriously as a solo act. Over past decade, West instigated more than his share of narcissistic episodes, including a self-appointed nickname, tour and album, Yeezus, that never seemed to treat his savior complex with much irony. (Typical song: “I Am A God.”)

When viewed through that lens, his famous affinity for President Trump makes a lot of sense. (And it continues unabated — one text to Forbes’ chief content officer this week ended with “Trump 2020” and a raised fist emoji.) As does West’s net worth lobbying — an art practiced, with gusto, for decades, by Trump.

“It’s not a billion,” West texted us last night. “It’s $3.3 billion since no one at Forbes knows how to count.”

The publication did a far more complicated breakdown of West’s assets and earnings, placing his worth at a still-impressive $1.3 billion.

While many are rightfully impressed, there are others who can’t forgive West’s MAGA-loving stances. We’ve tallied a good mix of responses from Twitter below.

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