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Black Ink Crew: The Rallies To Support Kitty After Her Mom Dies

Source: Jamie McCarthy / Getty

On the latest episode of Black Ink Crew: New York, the team will have to rally behind one of their own. Kitty’s mom has been battling cancer but ultimately lost her fight with the deadly disease. The gang is shocked to find out the sad news.

The episode opens up with Ceaser and Puma reminiscing about the infamous chicken wing drop around the world. Cease uses the moment to show how far the two have come in their relationship since the great reality tv moment. Ceaser recreates the moment to let Puma and the world know that beef between them is genuinely over… for now.

While hanging in the shop, Tati shows up, and she comes bearing some unfortunate news. While Ceaser is getting a haircut (yes you read that correctly) she tells Donna to follow her to the back of the shop. The two former enemies, now the best of friends confide in each other over the news Kitty’s mom has passed away. After shedding some tears, they decide to tell Cease and Teddy, and they are absolutely stunned at the news.

Things aren’t going so well for Young Bae as well. She has decided to divorce her son’s father Rob, and her mom is very disappointed. Momma Bae chooses to go back to Korea, and when Bae and Nikko try to tag along, she tells them to go back upstairs. She hopes that Bae and Rob can work things out, but its definitely not looking like that will happen with Bae dead set on ending her marriage.

Back at the shop, the crew is discussing Kitty’s mother’s funeral. Donna and Tati are upset because Ceaser revealed he cannot go because he has his daughter and is booked “six months solid.” They feel because the tattoo shop owner used to date Kitty, he should drop whatever he’s doing to attend the service.

Later on, Puma shows up at the shop, and he is not alone. He introduces the crew to his new hire, London, who will be in charge of event planning. The fellas, especially Ceaser are all for it because she is incredibly attractive. Young Bae, on the other hand, is not with it and feels Puma is trying to replace Kitty, who is the shop’s brand ambassador. Before Bae — who is still feeling some type of way about her mom leaving — lets Puma have it calling him stupid.

New homies, Donna and Tati, hit the road to head to Kitty’s mom’s funeral. During the drive around Harlem cause we honestly never see them hit the highway, they talk about Ceaser not going to funeral some more. We also cannot believe Donna thought it was a good idea to bring her dog along to a funeral. Who does that?

When we finally get to the funeral, everyone is shocked to see that Ceaser showed up after all. Donna, her dog (rolls eyes) and Tati are incredibly proud of their boss.

Kitty is handling things extremely well surprisingly despite losing her mom but can’t hold back tears at the reception. Ceaser and Kitty go into another room to have a moment alone, and she talks about how much she is going to miss her mom. Kitty always assumed that her mom would be there for the big moments in her life, like her wedding day and having kids. Kitty starts to cry again, and Ceaser holds ensuring her everything is going to be alright, and the episode ends.

Our deepest condolences go out to Kitty and her family, you can hit the gallery below to see all the reactions to the episode.

Photo: Jamie McCarthy / Getty