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The city of Minneapolis, still reeling from the remnants of unrest after the senseless killing of George Floyd at the hands of police, is now rocked by another shocking death. Leneal Frazier, a father of five, was killed after police crashed into his vehicle while in pursuit of a suspect in a high-speed chase.

CBS Minnesota reports that Frazier was driving around 12:30 a.m. local time on Tuesday when police giving chase to a suspect in a carjacking and robbery who eventually got away. The cops crashed into Frazier, and the outlet added that he is the uncle of Darnella Frazier, the teen who recorded the video of George Floyd as former Minneapolis cop Derek Chauvin kneeled on his neck.

“Another black man lost his life in the hands of the police!” Darnella Frazier wrote in a statement on Facebook. “Minneapolis police has cost my whole family a big loss.”

More from the Facebook post:

I honestly can’t believe I’m making this post right now…I’m so hurt…nothing feels real. I woke up to the most horrible news. MINNEAPOLIS police Killed my uncle MY uncle… Another black man lost his life in the hands of the police! I asked my mom several times “he died??”. I couldn’t accept what I was hearing and still can’t . Some things just take time to process. I’m still in shock and it haven’t fully hit me yet,I broke down in tearsI was hoping it was a dream…but it’s not and this is reality. Minneapolis police has cost my whole family a big loss…today has been a day full of heartbreak and sadness. We went to the spot he was killed at and put beautiful flowers and candles, but even thats not enough to bring him back. It’s not fair how the police can just go around killing people…WHY ARE YOU DOING A HIGH SPEED CHASE ON A RESIDENTIAL RODE???

The Minnesota State Patrol says it will investigate the crash that took Frazier’s life. According to the law in the city, police cannot engage in high-speed pursuit if it comes at the risk of pedestrians and bystanders.

On Twitter, the reaction to the news of Leneal Frazier’s death has been cropping up. We’ve got those tweets listed out below.

In addition, an official GoFundMe campaign from the family has been launched.

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