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Hip-Hop fans have the luxury of several dozen brilliant artists that speak to their range of emotions, but most fans, especially those of a certain age, would say 2Pac is near the top. Lil Baby has proven to be one of the genre’s best and brightest stars who is still continuing to improve, prompting a debate of whether or not he is this generation’s version of the late Tupac Shakur.

An August 31 tweet from My Mixtapez features a photo of the two rappers side by side with the caption reading, “Fans believe Lil Baby is the Tupac of this Generation.” Since then, fans have been chiming in here and there but on Sunday (Sept 5), 2Pac’s name began trending so we decided to investigate further. The chatter thus far seems to disagree with the assertion that Lil Baby has the same impact and 2Pac did on the industry, but there are some folks who truly believe that the Atlanta star is a stronger artist than the Bay Area superstar.

The debate may have been egged on further by Twitter user @damnnyla who tweeted on Saturday (September 4), “Tupac is overrated lil baby got way more hits” and then added in the following tweet, “Idc if you disagree.”

Music tastes are subjective, and we’ve long maintained that at Hip-Hop Wired. Fans can enjoy music on their terms and it shouldn’t have to come down to name-calling or insults. In fact, we’ll even say that Lil Baby is definitely on his way to achieving legendary status, especially as he challenges himself with content outside his usual norms as he did with “The Bigger Picture” and the like.

2Pac was just 25 when he died in 1996, and was clearly ready to make a sonic shift and apply his massive influence in other ways. Of course, we’ll never know that potential as his life was snuffed out, just as The Notorious B.I.G. was killed just months later.

The reactions on Twitter largely point towards the idea of 2Pac being the more impactful artist with some conceding that Lil Baby’s rapping talents are arguably superior. We’ve no opinion to offer in this debate and welcome readers to chime in with thoughts of their own in the comments section.

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