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Mike From Black Ink Crew

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Last week on Black Ink Crew, the death of his best friend Corey still haunts him, giving him second thoughts about opening the shop in Brooklyn. After some dramatic soul searching and talking to Corey’s mom, he decided that it would be best that he went through with the shop’s opening.

The episode opens up with Donna giving an update to Sky about her lousy advice to surprise Alex in a wedding dress. Sky, of course, doesn’t think her idea was terrible because this is Sky we are talking about. The topic quickly shifts to Brooklyn shop and whether or not Ceaser should move forward with it. Speaking him into existence, their boss walks in, and he is much better spirited than he was last week. He breaks the news that he is going to open the shop and revealing to his employees, talking to Corey’s mom put a lot of things into perspective for him.

But with him debating about opening the shop, the window to get Black Ink Brooklyn open got smaller giving them only 6 days to knock out the construction and get everything done. He tells them it will be all hands on deck to accomplish this goal and tells everyone to clear their schedules and get a costume for the West Indian Parade. He also announced that he is renting a house for Brooklyn where everyone can to stay so that they are close to the new shop and West Indian Day festivities.

After Walt’s sweet move last week and coming to grips that he won’t be able to shoot up Jess’ club, the couple is happy again. Jess has already met his two kids, so now it’s his turn to meet her son, Xavier.  Walt doesn’t know that Jess and Xavier are playing a prank on him during the meeting. Walt and Xavier decide to talk over a game of basketball with Jess’ teen deciding to issue a wager to his potential stepdad. If he wins, he will determine if Walt can continue to date his mom if Walt wins, he can date Jess with or without Xavier’s blessings.

Unfortunately, Walt loses by a point, but Xavier reveals it was just a prank, and that budding comedian can continue court his mom.

When they arrive at the Brooklyn shop, Ceaser is surprised to see Teddy is back. He’s been missing in action, with many believing he was somewhere laid up with the new employee Paris and just off the radar. Puma walks in, and Teddy gives him the cold shoulder before he gets up and tells both Cease and Puma he wants to talk them outside. He reveals that he was just overprotective of Ceaser and that his brother is having issues in jail. Teddy tells his cousin and Puma that his brother got into a fight with a corrections officer. To make matter’s worse, his mom is sick. Ted claims he been stressed out over the issues and just needed some space.

Puma and Cease put their hard feelings aside for Ted and tell him they are here for him and are willing to help in any way possible.

With that out of the way, it’s time to focus back on the shop. Everyone has finally arrived at the house. They only have four days now to get the shop together for the opening and to get ready for the West Indian Day festivities. On the first night, they head to a party where Ceaser gives a speech to announce the opening of his shop in BK and offers free tattoos to everyone there. He is greeted by congresswoman Yvette Clarke, and she gives the tattoo shop mogul a congressional award.

Mike, Sky, and Q are on the hunt for costumes for the West Indian Parade. While trying on Parade drip, Mike gets a text from his roommate informing him that his paternity test results are in. For whatever reason, Sky is more excited about the news than Mike.

Meanwhile, Donna is talking Bae about her relationship problems. She tells Bae that Alex has not spoken to her since her wedding stunt and understandably so. Bae tells her she shouldn’t rush and that she wishes she took her time with her now ex-husband Rob.

Before J’Ouvert festivities begin, Quani talks to Puma because she is worried. She tells her husband to be careful due to past incidents that went down at the festival.

We catch back up with Mike, both he and Sky head back to his home to see the paternity test results. He opens the envelope to learn that he is not the boy’s father. Sky is happy at the news, but Mike is clearly disappointed because he was kinda hoping that he was going to be a dad.

Finally, J’Ouvert begins, and everyone is having a blast throwing paint on each other.

In typical Black Ink fashion, something happens to add some drama, but it only turns out to be a bunch of rowdy teenagers. After they get the all-clear signal, Mike says he can’t breathe and collapses. We quickly learn that he was suffering a panic attack.

After chilling for a bit and his boss Ceaser dousing him with water, he starts to feel better, and they head back to the house to change into their costumes. They finally make it to the parkway to partake in the actual West Indian Day Parade. Thankfully nothing happens, and the crew finally gets to enjoy themselves again.

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Photo: Bernard Smalls / @PhotosByBeanz