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Twitter Wants The Boat To Leave Chilli On VH1's 'Girl's Trip'

Source: Nagina Lane / iONE Digital

VH1’s latest show Girl’s Cruise set sail this week on the network. The show, which is basically like Girl’s Trip on a boat sailing across the Caribbean seas features Lil’ Kim as the captain. She is joined by singer Mya, TLC’s Chilli, Wild ‘N Out regulars Pretty Vee and B.Simone plus Tiffany Panhilason and Char Defrancesco.

In the first episode, we meet each of the cast members before they set sail on their fantastic voyage. It promises to showcase “self-exploration and sisterhood” with a mix of drama, emotional breakthroughs, and romantic linkups. Right off the bat what each cast member is going to bring to the new reality series.

Lil’ Kim is basically is in charge as far as dictating the group adventures while they travel to different locations while on the luxurious yacht. Mya is down for whatever and just wants to have fun with her friends, mind you, she still looks fine as hell. Chilli, on the other hand, is basically Jada Pinkett-Smith’s character from Girl’s Trip. She is the Debbie Downer of the group and doesn’t really want to partake in any of the activities. Viewers basically began to question why is she even on the boat in the first place. B. Simone and Pretty Vee are just happy they got chosen to be the boat while Tiffany and Char are…just there.

After we meet the cast, we also meet the crew who is comprised of attractive men who will come into play later on in the season.

With all the formalities out of the way it’s time to embark, we learn immediately that Chilli has basically given her life to the lord and is celibate. Kim will be basically testing how strong her will is the entire trip as she refuses to sip alcohol, or as she calls it “devils juice.” She also balks at every activity they do in the episode which included using hydro jet pack and taking a dip in the ocean via a slide attached the luxe yacht.

Despite Chilli saying nah to everything, Lil’ Kim put on her boots literally to participate. Her hydro jet pack moment got off to a rocky start, unfortunately.

The episode closed out with everyone not named Chilli sliding down the huge slide into the ocean with Kim doing in epic style. For the most part, viewers enjoy all of the positivity but are definitely wondering why in the world is Chilli even on the boat if she is not gonna partake. You can hit the gallery below to see all the reactions to the premiere episode of Girl’s Cruise.

Photo: Nagina Lane / iONE Digital