911 call

Stacey Dash’s descent to struggle is only speeding up. The world just got more of an inside look behind her recent booking.

Republican Stacey Dash just caught a dub. The Clueless actress and proud shuffle footing woman of color was arrested for domestic violence, and Twitter is elated with the slander.

Jussie Smollett and the alleged faked attack in Chicago still hangs over his head, and now portions of the investigation are becoming available to the public. The latest evidence to be made public was a 911 made by a friend of Smollett noting that the reportedly former Empire actor was found with a noose around […]

It looks like White folks have every intention of continuing to call 9-1-1 for no good reason, especially where Black people are concerned. Cue, “Golfcart Gail.”

After days of being attended to at a medical center Rick Ross reemerges. He took to social media to confirm he is back home.

According to Miami Heat coach Erik Spoelstra, former slam dunk champion Gerald Green “is safe and is healthy” after the 29-year-old ten-year veteran of the league collapsed unconscious without warning.

The racial profiling scenario between Milwaukee Bucks power forward John Henson and Schwanke-Kasten Jewelers last week reached a peaceful solution but now the 911 calls made from the store have been released.

Being a 911 dispatcher is one of the country’s most stressful jobs, which is why training for the worst possible situations is of utmost importance.

Details regarding the skirmish between George Zimmerman and his father-in-law have begun to emerge, this after Zimmerman’s wife, Shellie, placed a frantic 911 call Monday (September 9) to police. It appears that Zimmerman was angry over being told he couldn’t enter the home that he and his spouse had been renting from her parents.

Even if you subscribe to the theory that Rick Ross staged the now infamous attempted drive by shooting (blame 50 Cent), the bullets that were flying were very real. A 911 call from that night has turned up that reveals Rozay wasn’t the only one trying to get out of harm’s way.