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The racial profiling scenario between Milwaukee Bucks power forward John Henson and Schwanke-Kasten Jewelers last week reached a peaceful solution but now the 911 calls made from the store have been released.

To quickly backtrack, Henson approached the jewelry store in Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin on Monday, October 19, only to be met with a locked door in the middle of the day and crouching employees telling him to go away. Afterwards, the 6’11” Black man was questioned by two officers before they determined the store was blowing things out of proportion, racially.

The store’s CEO issued a public apology and Henson has since moved on as he as his Bucks team are all set to likely throttle the New York Knicks at the NBA opener at the BMO Harris Bradley Center later today.

Deadspin obtained the 911 call one of the store’s employees made during the time of the incident and it doesn’t take a psychologist to get the gist of her deeply rooted issues. Read and listen below.

Employee: “I am hiding in the office. I don’t want them to see me out there. We’re pretending like we’re closed. So no one is on the floor. We’re not opening the door. We’re just staying in the back.”

Dispatcher: “Okay.”

Employee (to someone not on the phone): “He’s not answering the telephone calls is he?”

(inaudible chatter by someone not on the phone)

Dispatcher: “You can’t see them though right now?”

Employee: “I’m taking a look at the monitor. They are at the front door. They’re looking into the window. They’re just kind of pacing back and forth. I don’t feel comfortable letting them in. I just really don’t at all. It seems bad to me.”

Dispatcher: “I have officers there they’d like for you to come to the door if you could please.”

Employee: “Why? I don’t feel like it. Why do I have to come to the door. Can the officer come to the back? I’m not going to the front door.”

Dispatcher: “OK, they’re going to come to the back. Can you meet them in the back then?”

Employee: “Who’s coming? The officers?”

Dispatch (her voice is raised): “The officers are out there with those subjects and I have an officer that would like to speak with you Patty. Now he’s gonna go to the back door per your request.”

Photo: Instagram / John Henson