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It looks like White folks have every intention of continuing to call 9-1-1 for no good reason, especially where Black people are concerned. Cue, “Golfcart Gail.”

Yet another White woman is going viral after she called the cops on a Black father at a children’s soccer game in Florida. Apparently, Golfcart Gail—a field marshal for the Ponte Vedra Palm Valley Athletic Association—chose to simply eject an overzealous parent earlier on in the game, but in this instance, she felt the need to call police. We wonder why?

Authorities state Gerald Jones stepped on to the field and “yelled” at his son at some point. But Jones insists he was instructing his kid to respect the ref’s call. According to Buzzfeed News, Jones said “They had a bad call with my son, and I told him, ‘Hey, the ref is right. The ref is always right. [The field marshal] thought I was yelling at the ref, so she came over. And I’m like, ‘Ma’am, I was talking to my son.'”

“The father, Gerald Jones, ended up having a discussion with law enforcement while the woman hovered — in her golf cart — nearby. He eventually left on his own, exasperated at the situation, after a police officer gave him the go-ahead to do so,” the site adds.

Amy “Ginger Galore” Williams, who shared the story on Facebook, said Golfcart Gail “would not let this go.” See how it went down in this intense clip.

Photo: Facebook/Getty