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Earlier in October, Wu-Tang Clan granted fans their wish when the nine-man collective inked a deal with Warner Bros. for the formal release of their sixth studio album, A Better Tomorrow.

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[ooyala code=”V3Z213cDpkq3B1qD7GwpUUAlSUCs6uUT” player_id=”16d3592c0566485792a9febd7fbe442b”] Various members of the Wu-Tang Clan repeatedly told us that they want their reunion LP to be an event, and that thought process has been visualized with the A Better Tomorrow GIF. The digital artwork begins with an unearthly darkness gripping landmarks of cities like New York City, Hollywood and Paris before […]

Like we previously reported, the entire Wu-Tang Clan has given the upcoming album A Better Tomorrow their divided attention to make fan’s Hip-Hop experience an eventful one.

Like The RZA, Ghostface Killah is striving for A Better Tomorrow within the realms of Hip-Hop. But like an enlightened student-turned-master of the culture, he knew he couldn’t fully focus on the future without securing the working conditions of the present day. As the Wu-Tang Clan’s sixth studio album was being recorded, there was a […]

Even the biggest Wu-Tang Clan flag bearer would be hard-pressed to remember the last time all of the members of the storied group were together. That all changed last week when the entire nine-man collective (and the spirit of Ol’ Dirty Bastard) crashed the offices over at Warner Bros. and signed a deal to release […]

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RZA, the producer and de facto leader of the Wu-Tang Clan, continues to innovate with more than two decades in the game. The Abbot talked about his crew’s upcoming album, A Better Tomorrow, a collaboration with a new portable speaker company and much more.

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RZA and Raekwon are back on good terms, and more importantly, the latter is expected to contribute verses on Wu-Tang Clan’s upcoming A Better Tomorrow LP. This news follows months of back and forth banter between the longtime collaborators about the root of their discourse.

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While Wu-Tang Clan fans reserve a morsel of hope for A Better Tomorrow to include each of the group’s living members, the collective have a more innovative LP on the way that will release unhitched. Forbes debuted a brief documentary about the secret album Once Upon A Time In Shaolin, which will be auctioned off to the highest bidder.

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In a perfect world, Wu-Tang Clan would hit the studio to make a new album in peace and harmony. But rogue member Raekwon candidly spoke with Rolling Stone about why his underlying issues with RZA and management are the reason he’s yet to lay a single verse down on the group’s upcoming A Better Tomorrow LP.


Over the past two decades, few groups have captured the minds and attention of Hip-Hop fans like the Wu-Tang Clan. Although the massive crew has been divided on the upcoming A Better Tomorrow album, the Shaolin Swordsmen all weighed in on the record and much more in a revealing profile piece.

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The idea Wu-Tang Clan releasing a new album without any issues was great at first, but then reality kicked in. But it looks like things behind the scenes are (hopefully) being resolved, because the collective offered up their new track, “Keep Watch.”

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Legendary MC Raekwon returned to The Breakfast Club to give fans an update on his upcoming LP, F.I.L.A. (Fly International Luxurious Art), to clear up any discrepancies about Wu-Tang Clan’s tentative album, and more.