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Jared Leto is joining the ranks of serious actors who took comic book roles. After an impressive performance in Dallas Buyers Club, Leto has been cast in the role of the Joker in the upcoming Suicide Squad.

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Drake hit the Internet with at least his second Jocedi-based track, “How About Now” over the weekend. And with over 72 appearances on the Billboard “Hot 100” chart, it’s probably been played out to call Drake an actor-turned-rapper for a while now.


Even with Halle Berry, Jamie Foxx and Jennifer Hudson all winning Academy Awards within the last fifteen years; the amount of roles available in Hollywood for actors of color continues to stay limited. Being openly gay might make it even more difficult, but there are some actors who continue to thrive.

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With director Tate Taylor getting the green light for his James Brown biopic, we take a look at some other big-screen life stories that are a must-see.

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The NBA has been in existence since 1946 and as the league’s popularity grew, its players became bigger and bigger celebrities. One of the things that come with that territory is more media exposure, which often leads to endorsement deals and appearing in commercials. Naturally, this leads to some ballers catching the acting bug; appearing […]

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A  new trend is taking place in China that involves Chinese businessmen “renting” white actors in order to appear attractive to other businesses.   The practice emerges from the Chinese concept of “face”, also known as a positive public image. This allows Chinese businessmen to boost their image and show that they hold international appeal within […]