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With director Tate Taylor getting the green light for his James Brown biopic, we take a look at some other big-screen life stories that are a must-see.

Biopics have always been around in the cinematic world, yet recently they’ve spiked in frequency. From Steven Spielberg‘s Oscar winning Lincoln to the #1 box office flick Lee Daniels’ The Butler, biographical pictures are a lock in Hollywood.

Audiences and filmmakers alike share a fascination with recreating the lives of famous individuals of the past, the present, and even the future. Whether they’re villains (see: The Last King Of Scotland), admired (Idris Elba in Long Walk to Freedom) or just talented pure souls (All Is By My Side), it is our shared curiosity that drives us to support these films in the theaters and on Netflix.

In honor of the expedient progress made by Tate Taylor’s Get On Up, which finds actor Chadwick Boseman donning James Brown’s cape in the lead role, we’ve put together this list of the 15 Most Anticipated Black Biopics We Want To See. Enjoy!

Photo: Yahoo! Movies

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