The late and legendary jazz icon Miles Davis will be reborn onstage in an upcoming play that will feature A Tribe Called Quest frontman Q-Tip in the starring role. The play, titled My Funny Valentine, was penned by longtime music writer and critic Nelson George, who made the announcement via Instagram.

Michael K. Williams says that he just landed a role of a lifetime, playing jazz icon Miles Davis in a new biopic about his life.

When news came forth that veteran actor Don Cheadle was set to direct and star in the Miles Davis biopic, Miles Ahead, there was an enormous buzz around the film. Fans eagerly anticipating the film can satiate some of their curiosity as the first trailer for Miles Ahead was released today (Feb. 2).

Before the next wave of baby boomers take over the economy, there will likely be a new biopic done for dozens of iconic artists. Next up in the line upheld by James Brown, the N.W.A and Bessie Smith, the baddest man to ever wield a trumpet–Miles Davis–is set to have his story told in the […]

The first question is, what took so long? A street that Miles Davis once lived on in the Upper West Side of Manhattan has been renamed after the late Jazz giant. 

Now this is some wonderful news for Jazz fans. Don Cheadle will be portraying the great Miles Davis in a forthcoming biopic called Kill The Trumpet Player. 

With director Tate Taylor getting the green light for his James Brown biopic, we take a look at some other big-screen life stories that are a must-see.

Snoop Dogg is the latest in Hip-Hop to have his name brought up in court for a lawsuit. As previously reported the Playboy empire filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against Drake for a sample used in his hit “Best I Ever Had.” Following suit is Michael Henderson , a jazz bassist known for his work […]