There are a few films about Martin Luther King, Jr. in the works but Selma has brought on Oprah Winfrey as a producer, as well as Brad Pitt. 

MTV Cribs chronicled the lives of so many professed ballers throughout the years, they had to have known they were making a mistake.

With director Tate Taylor getting the green light for his James Brown biopic, we take a look at some other big-screen life stories that are a must-see.

George Zimmerman‘s brother, Robert Zimmerman, Jr., is clearly delusional. Last night, he appeared on CNN after his brother was found not guilty of manslaughter and murder charges and painted the victim, the late Trayvon Martin, as a machine gun toting drug dealer.

Martin Luther King, Jr. ‘I Have A Dream’ Speech [VIDEO]   Martin Luther King, Jr. delivered his famed “I Have A Dream” speech on August 28, 1963 at the Lincoln Memorial. READ his words, video below. — “I am happy to join with you today in what will go down in history as the greatest […]

When it comes to boxers possessing the essence of Hip-Hop, Floyd “Money” Mayweather is the king. From kicking it with 50 Cent to making it rain in clubs, the returning champ even has taken a few stabs at the mic in the past (but let’s keep your talent in the ring.) Click here as Floyd […]

Our sister site Bossip sat down with Floyd Mayweather, Jr. last night as he prepares for his comeback fight with Juan Manual Marquez on September 19th after retiring undefeated. Deemed as a tune-up fight for possible bouts with Manny Pacquiao or Miguel Cotto, click here to see what Money Mayweather has to say.