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MTV Cribs chronicled the lives of so many professed ballers throughout the years, they had to have known they were making a mistake.

Celebrity culture became a sweeping obsession across America when MTV premiered their Lifestyles of the Rich and Infamous-esque show back in 2000. Featuring tours of the homes of over 185 celebrities, musicians, actors and athletes over the course of 13 seasons, audiences were able to get an inside-look at people whose gaudiness outweighs their own.

Vanity aside, it would have been a better idea for these 15 rappers to save their guap instead of blowing it on such outlandish things.

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Here, we start with that Trippy Trio from Memphis, Tennessee:

Three 6 Mafia

In truth, this was probably Juicy J’s house and he let the other members of the group be a part of the episode.

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