Sarah Cooper, the comedian famous for lip-syncing videos mocking Donald Trump's press briefings across TikTok and Twitter, has inked a deal with Netflix to star in her own comedy special. Titled "Sarah Cooper: Everything's Fine," the show is attached to Natacha Lyonne, Maya Rudolph, and is set to debut sometime this fall.


Oh how the tables have turned. You’re used to seeing characters like Pete Ross on Smallville or Eric Foreman on House, M.D.—they’re the wisecracking, assertive, token Black characters found on every popular show.

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In 2014, cast members from iconic shows like Friends, Dawson’s Creek and Full House have all popped up on social media and YouTube giving fans all the nostalgia of when their shows originally aired.

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In the battle of net neutrality, Netflix has taken a defiant position in the war on our eyeballs. With that said, the binge watcher’s delight has added some new flicks for your viewing enjoyment.


Sammy the Bull‘s daughter alleges that the makers of Grand Theft Auto V based a character in the game on her without her permission. Former Mob Wives star Karen Gravano has filed a suit in the Manhattan Supreme Court for an astounding $40 million.

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Although tonight has been a historic and genre-shifting night for Hip-Hop, there could only be one winner in the pantheon of independent-turned-top-40 rap stars.

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The first celebrity death of the year has already begun to hit waves, as classically trained actor James Avery (most known as Uncle Phil) died on New Year’s Eve. He was 65-years-old.

MTV Cribs chronicled the lives of so many professed ballers throughout the years, they had to have known they were making a mistake.

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Hate paying those pesky cable bills? Believe in “cutting the cord” in favor of non-traditional forms of television? Don’t worry, we got just the recommendations to take care of you!

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Keith Josef Adkins, a former writer for the now-defunct CW series Girlfriends, has undertaken an ambitious project with his new webseries, The Abandon.  Adkins is shaking up an industry not known for casting strong Black leads within the science fiction genre.